Horse Racing Betting Tips

There’s a spirit of luxury attached to going to the tracks to watch a horse race, and there’s no easier way to involve yourself in that spirit than to take up betting on horse races. However, as you might expect, betting on the ponies is notably different than any other type of gambling. Not only do you have to put your hopes in a horse to help you come out on top, but you also have to get to know the basic lexicon of horse track betting.


Two of the terms that you will hear most frequently if you decide to pursue betting on horses are ‘straight wagers’ and ‘exotic wagers.’ These are the two different categories of bets to choose from at a horse race, and each encompasses a range of its own bet types.

For beginners, straight wagers are the way to go, as they normally come with lower minimum bets and are simply easier to understand – especially if you are just picking a horse out of the crowd and placing a bet on it. The simplest bet on this category is known as ‘win’ and it is exactly what it sounds like: a bet for a horse to come in first place in the race. There are also bets for ‘place’ and ‘show’ (betting that your horse will come in the top two or three, respectively), as well as ‘across the board’ bets, which are three separate wagers in each of the aforementioned categories.

Straight wagers are a good option for first-time horse race gamblers because they allow you to pick a single horse and predict his or her chances. Exotic wagers add extra difficulty, allowing you to bet on multiple horses at once (by predicting the top two finishers in a race, for instance). Once you’ve learned the ropes of ‘win,’ ‘place’ and ‘show’ bets, you can certainly play around with exotic wagers, but stick with straight wagers until you feel relatively experienced and knowledgeable.